Crave Artisan Chocolate is a locally owned and operated company in Austin, TX which strives to produce delicious chocolates handcrafted from small batches. Carefully chosen dark couverture chocolate and primarily organic ingredients are used to produce these crave- able creations that focus on keeping an Austin feel . Believing everyone should be able to enjoy good chocolates – Crave Artisan Chocolate works to produce mainly Vegan and Gluten Free products. Craving the enjoyment of chocolate is a natural occurrence – Crave Artisan Chocolate every day!

*Currently, Crave Artisan Chocolate is working to open a space on the Austin East side coming spring 2017. In anticipation of this, we have decided to focus on our wholesale production at this time. We hope you will come visit us for chocolate when we open our retail spot! See the home page for a link to more information… You can still find us for the Holiday Seasonal at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar!  Valentines Beer & Chocolate Pairings are also planned for February, and stop by Austin Beerworks to try our delicious collaboration brew Choco Leche, a wonderful chocolate milk stout perfect for the winter months. It can be found around town at select spots as well.

Born and raised in Austin, Krystal Craig is a self taught and passionate chocolatier who has been producing chocolate in Austin since 2005, starting at the age of 21 years old. She believes in creating chocolate products everyone can appreciate while using healthier natural ingredients. Krystal creates chocolates various Austin businesses including Geraldine’s & Hotel Van Zandt, Heywood Hotel, Four Seasons, Archer Hotel and the J.W. Marriot in Austin. Before founding Crave Artisan Chocolate in late 2012, Krystal’s past endeavors include formerly co-founding Arte y Chocolate, developing and producing sipping chocolate for the company Sip, and chocolate consulting for other companies.

Besides Krystal’s passion for creating artisan chocolate products, she is a dedicated Pilate’s instructor.  Healthy living (which includes the consumption of high quality chocolate) and helping others is very important to her. 

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